What is letterpress printing?

Letterpress is a relief printing process. Raised plates, type, or carved blocks are inked and pressed into paper to make an impression. Letterpress printing traditionally involved hand-set moveable type meticulously arranged and locked-up into the bed of a press. While hand-setting type is still done today, letterpress printing now more commonly done using hard plastic photo-polymer printing plates made from designs created on a computer.


Do you offer design services?

While we love to design, it’s not something we’re able to do for every order. Don’t have a designer? Email us and we can either provide a custom quote for small jobs or refer you to one of our preferred professional stationery designers.


How deep of an impression will I see?

The depth of the impression is dependent on a few factors. Paper stock is the most important factor. Soft cotton papers designed for letterpress generally show an impression best. Single-thick 110 lb. Lettra will show a letterpress impression, while 220 lb. Lettra will show a deep impression best. Thinner or more rigid stocks will show a slight impression. The size of the design being print also effects the depth of the impression. 


What is your minimum quantity?

We have a minimum quantity of 50 cards or 250 business cards on our listed products. If you need a smaller quantity please contact us. However, since the cost of printing plates and set-up time are the same no matter the quantity, the price-per-piece rapidly increases as the number of pieces decrease.